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About Us

1 - Biography and history of Company
Synag Development International is a company exporting white rice to International markets. We have a history of exporting high quality white rice since 2007, and the brand of the company has been widely recognized by our foreign partners.
Currently, the Company, "Synag Development International ",  has been exporting white rice abroad to some countries such as Europe and Africa.
2 – Building Reputation
Since 2006, the Company "Synag Development International” has made its efforts to raise its reputation in all European countries and Africa to attract Foreign Investment in order to promote standard of white rice exporting to International Market.
3 – Other Products - In Partnership with Our Producers
Besides exporting white rice, we internationally sell other products such as:

  • Agri-Food: Sugar, Wheat Durum, Corns, SOJA,
  • Wines Spirits: Cognac, Champagnes, Sparkling Wines, Red/White Wines, and Rose of Europe Wines,
  • Petroleum: MAZUT-M100 GOST 10585-75, E95/E80, DIESEL, Asphalt, TAR and Bitumen
  • Precious Metals: GOLD and BULLION
  • Metals: HMS 1 & 2, Used Rails R-50/R-65

4 - Capability and Relationships
The planning group is led by Mr. Antonio Goncalves and Ms. Kanika Soka, supported by a true and proper training in the organization chart tested by high-assurance that we could use and maintain personal well, in collaboration with Mr. Soeun Savoeuth and his team who are responsible for business development. 
In addition, the Company "Synag Development International” has a partner with the Relation Commerce International (RCI) in Europe with the intention of finding markets in Europe and Africa.